Business Basics Mini-Course

Get a Fast Start

"Cathryn's course helped me understand the nuts and bolts of breaking into the copy editing world. Most importantly, the talking session gave me the opportunity to hone in on my own particular concerns and questions. But it doesn't end there, since Cathryn has been generous with her time and advice. A great bang for your buck, especially if you are seeking to get acquainted with the copy editing world before going all in." — Andrew Colwell, PhD, Colwell Editing and Proofreading

Do you have an eagle eye for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure?

Always thought you'd make a great editor? Uncertain about how to begin?

If you've got editing skills under your belt already and just need to connect with your customers, here's what you'll learn:

• How to launch a lean, streamlined business 

• Website, social media, and branding advice

• How to set up your payment structure 

• Advice and shortcuts for dealing with the little idiosyncrasies of the biz

You will receive: my insider tips in a beautiful Adobe Spark® slider + a one-hour call or Zoom with me for $95.

After completing your purchase, email me at I'll make sure you have your course material, we'll schedule your call, and you'll be on your way!