How I Work


Need high-level polish for your manuscript or business copy? 

You've worked hard to bring your vision to life. Now let's refine, upgrade, assemble, rework, and/or ameliorate your text. 

I offer a range of editorial services:  

  • copy editing
  • developmental/substantive editing
  • stylistic editing
  • interviews/transcription
  • research
  • ghostwriting
  • consulting
  • critique
  • manuscript conversion from paper to digital. 


  • New authors: Welcome! We will be working with just one document. Please be sure to avoid creation of multiple drafts. Need help strategizing? I'm just an email away:

  • I welcome diversity, and prefer to keep a positive focus. Please send no racist, hateful, or pornographic content. 

  • Final formatting, pagination, and book design are not included. No refunds.

  • Email an abbreviated description of your project and the approximate word count to I'll respond with a few brief questions and generate a free quote for you. Let's get started!