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Your access to the most gorgeous essential oils in the world starts here. Find out what therapeutic-grade oils can do for your health, your family, and your home. Let me show you how! 

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About Me

I'm Cathryn, and I want to help you find radiant health with the most gorgeous essential oils on the planet.

When I first heard the term aromatherapy 30 years ago, I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud. I mean, it WAS still the eighties. I figured it was just another new-age way for people to get paid for nothing. Boy, was I wrong. 

As time passed, I learned a bit more. I built a yurt in the woods,  and discovered that tea tree oil could take away the itch of bug bites better than anything I could buy at the pharmacy. 

I went through a gnarly divorce and learned that lavender could reliably steel my nerves in times of deep crisis. 

Pretty soon, I began using lemon to uplift my mood as a hardworking single mama, and even though I didn't have access to super high-quality essential oils yet, it worked pretty well.

Then a friend gave my daughter a bottle of Digestive Blend to try. And my world opened up. 

First of all, it smells AMAZING. Intoxicating. 

Without really knowing why, I started using it on my pulse points for the courage to get out the door and off to work during a period of deep exhaustion. 

Come to find out, the blend has the added benefit of helping to let go of fear and resistance in order to accept what is. 

Meanwhile, my daughter was starting to see serious relief from her chronic/severe digestive issues...simply by rubbing Digestive Blend on her belly and taking a drop of Peppermint under her tongue.

How could an essential oil cause such a profound shift? 

It's because of the quality of the constituents. 

The brand I use ethically sources plants from the areas in the world where they grow best. 

The plants, trees, flowers, barks, and resins used for their essential oils are the purest, most vital possible version of themselves. That's the difference. Strong plants = strong results. 

It's a whole world of information, freedom, and empowerment around emotional/physical healing and wellness. 

And in terms of healthcare, it's the wave of the future. 

Want to join me? Hop over to my essential oils portal. If you want oils of your own, I can set you up with your own wholesale account plus 10 - 30% back in FREE products. Click "Become a Member" then "Wholesale Customer".

Hope to see you there! oxo

*The essential oil brand I use is the only one that is safe for internal use. Why? Because essential oil bottles don't have to provide a complete list of ingredients by law, and most contain added fillers, synthetics, or cheaper substitute oils. With that said, always check the bottle for instructions. Not every plant, tree etc. is suitable for internal use. Respect your remedies! 

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